Juliane von Herz
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Juliane von Herz, art historian, works as independent curator, consultant and writer.

We conceptualise exhibitions and projects in public or private spaces and at the same time offer specialist advice, consulting and curatorial services on request both to public and private institutions as well as established private and corporate collections and to new international and European collectors.


As consultant Juliane von Herz works for and in between artists, galleries, foundations, public institutions and collections worldwide in order to provide conceptual ideas and knowledge for the realisation of exhibitions, site specific art projects or any other cultural, interdisciplinary and philanthropic engagement.

Art Advisory

We help private and institutional collectors to focus and express their buying criteria, in order to build a distinctive contemporary art collection. Whether the collection is mature or just getting off the ground, we locate and identify for our clients the most exciting works, making sure they get the right piece at the right price from the right source.

Getting to know what our clients like and want, over time, means we are able to build a close working relationship helping them to realise their ideas and aspirations for their collection.

JvH Art Advisory has extensive experience in developing concepts for and building major contemporary art collections. We aspire to help collectors with a great variety of individual needs:

Corporate Collectors

Eight years experience in building up a large corporate collection for a leading German bank, means JvH Art Advisory is known internationally for its experience in corporate collecting.

Companies that believe that art can be integrated into the world of work know that this fusion is deeply enriching at many levels for everyone involved.

Whether aiming for a small or large collection of contemporary art, guidance in developing a distinctive concept and setting a long term buying strategy which will help steer acquisition decisions, turning a collection into both a valuable investment and a unique way of projecting your corporate image.

At the same time, Company Headquarters are filled with exciting contemporary art for all to see and enjoy every day.

Our starting point is to talk with our clients to help us understand the corporate values and philosophy in order so that the collection can emphasise and build on these. In this way art can become a potent part of corporate identity whatever the size of the budget.

We can provide a full service ranging from sourcing art and presenting to key decision makers, to managing all the logistics of the collections.

Private Collectors

Well-versed collectors will already have a network of existing contacts, be visitors to all major art fairs, and enjoy the experience of creating a collection themselves.

Seasoned collectors may not need help in finding new works to buy, JvH could however, support the development of the collection by using our network of contacts to get the best price for works of art the collector no longer wishes to keep, thus freeing up funds for buying new works to help the collection to develop further.

For those who know what they want but don’t have the time to searching and seeking out new artists JvH Art Advisory can take over the full management of the collection, building it according to the collector’s own ideas.

First time buyers

Being a first time buyer is exciting but can be daunting, because it is hard to know where to start. The best way to develop an idea of what kind of collection one wants and how to make it personal must be to immerse oneself in the art on show at contemporary fairs, galleries and in artists’ studios.

JvH can help by making sure the new collector sees the best emerging art, which will both endure and resonate with his or her evolving ideas.


public art project in Frankfurt/D with portraits by Vitus Saloshanka
curated by Juliane Herz + Aileen Treusch



Salotto Buono

Salotto Buono is the name of a Jour Fixe creating a space for regular social and intellectual exchanges in a private setting at the premises of J. and P. Herz in Frankfurt's Westend.

While "Salotto Buono", literally "Good Drawing Room", traditionally and with a distinct negative connotation, describes a closed shop and network of powerful Northern Italian industrialists and bankers. The appropriation of the words in the context of an intellectual "salon" creates a certain ironic twist. On the one hand, and quite similar to the traditional Salotto Buono, Frankfurt's Salotto is and should become over time an effective social network based on mutual interest and common values, just as its namesake. On the other hand, and the slight irony is shining through here, Juliane and Patrick's Salotto is an open platform for a very liberal, young, diverse or better heterogenous and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between people coming together from all walks of urban Frankfurt life and beyond.

The starting point of any session at Salotto is a keen interest of the hosts and most of the "members" in everything close to the arts. The sessions, taking place about 4 times a year, and following sometimes a yearly theme have been developed as a distinct ritual. Subsequent to an informal chat over some Aperitivo, the speaker of the evening is delivering a short talk reflecting on a certain topic. This is serving as a platform for an informal discussion between all participants and coordinated by the hosts. The evening then closes on a communal and casual dinner in the kitchen.


Dr. Mario Kramer, Head of Collection Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt
'PRIMARY STRUCTURES', Minimal Art from the MMK collection

talk between
journalist Cécile Schortmann and film director Niki Stein


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jussen, historian:
Gegenwartskunst als Erinnerungspolitik.
Zehn aktuelle Fälle.



Wiebke Grösch + Frank Metzger
Sandra Kranich + Jochem Hendricks
in a talk with
Dr. Jule Hillgärtner and Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke

Prof. Dr. Mischa Bonn, physician:
Warum Gott tatsächlich würfelt, Einstein falsch lag, und Bohr Recht hatte: Eine Kurzgeschichte der Quantenmechanik.


Prof. Dr. Beate Söntgen, art historian:
Kunstkritik: Distanz oder Leidenschaft?

Esther Dierkes (soprano) and Björn Bürger (baritone) accompanied by Ekaterine Kintsurashvili (piano):
“Ich will meine Seele tauchen”, concert with aria and songs


Vanja Vrsalovic, Dipl.-Ing. architect:
Eurovision 2014 - the new ECB premises by Coop Himmelblau

Martin Neumaier / Hendrik Zimmer, artists:
about their voyage to Papua New Guinea


Björn Wissenbach, historian:
Frankfurt auf Identitätssuche- die Altstadtdebatte

Swantje Karich, journalist:
Streifenwagen für die Welt - Der französische Künstler Daniel Buren öffnet uns die Augen

Detmar Westhoff, art collection advisor:
Das mobile Museum: Meisterwerke aus europäischen Museen reisen nach Japan


Tamara Grcic, artist, on her artistic work

Dr. Martin Engler, curator:
Zirkus Gegenwart- Das Museum zwischen Kunstmarkt und Kunstgeschichte

Dr. Felix Krämer, curator:
Zauber der Manege: Aus dem ‘Zirkus Städel’ über den Zeltaufbau für die große Ernst Ludwig Kirchner-Schau


Circus - yearly theme

Patrick von Herz, business economist:
Financial crisis, globalisation – What a Circus!

Julia Scheid, art historian:
Panem et Circenses

Michael Stuhlmiller, clown, actor, stage director:
The Clown


Original and Copy: Back to the Original - yearly theme

Antonio Pace, designer:

Dr. Marie-Hélène Gutberlet, film and art historian: Annhäherungen an die Originalität: zur Idee der Versenkung und der Wiederholung

Lukas Scheid, Dipl.-Ing, architect:
„The Barcelona Pavillion“

Markus Weisbeck, graphic designer:
About his work

Florian Wolf, lawyer:
The Original

Michael Beye, Dipl.-Ing, architect:
The Copy

Michael Riedel, artist:
Original and Copy?

Juliane von Herz

Foto: Naile Golbasi

Art Advisory
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Juliane von Herz (*1968 in Germany)

Since September 2003, Juliane von Herz is working as an independent, Frankfurt based curator and art advisor for private and corporate collections and institutions in Germany and abroad. She advises galleries, artists, collectors, foundations and in her curatorial role sets up own unusual exhibitions and projects. In 2009 she started a yearly international sculpture project called ROSSMARKT3 for Frankfurt’s main public square that involves young citizens as commissioners. Prior to this, she was Head of the Art Department for the Helaba Landesbank Hessen/Thüringen Girozentrale in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, for over 8 years. In this capacity, she was responsible for building up the bank’s corporate collection of contemporary art and developed and implemented a group-wide art concept. While there, she established an international contemporary art collection for the headquarter in Frankfurt and Erfurt as well as all subsidiaries worldwide which today includes over 2000 works of art. The task included purchasing and commissioning works of art, documentation, monitoring of and curating the collection as well as sponsoring, preparing exhibitions, general arts funding and educating clients and bank employees about the collection. The role required a broad knowledge of the international art market, an excellent network with young artists as well as a close collaboration with important galleries and art dealers from all over the world. The collection today ranges among the most important corporate contemporary art collections in Europe. An Art Historian and expert in the field of contemporary art, her expertise covers the period from 1960 to today. Juliane von Herz received her Master’s degree in History of Art (with honours) at the University of Frankfurt/Germany in 1995 after having studied at the universities of Munich and Bologna/Italy. She also holds an MA in Political Science and German literature. She speaks German (mother tongue), English, French and Italian fluently.